Why Are So Few People Successful?

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Why Are So Few People Successful?

We all had dreams of grandeur when we were younger. Our minds filled with the exciting details about how we were going to make it big or help the world become a better place. However, some time down your path that dream became dimmer. More realistic goals were put in place to better suit the requirements of staying above water. Why is it that so few people actually accomplish the goals they set out too?

The Lord Our Savior has equipped every single one of us with specific gifts. These gifts will help not only ourselves but the world. He has given us all the necessary resources and tools we will need to accomplish the mission of our journey. But just like we are receiving the specific steps and guidance from the Lord, the enemy has also heard.

Our enemy has access to the same life plan that the Lord has given us. The difference is that the enemy will use this map to distract us from walking the path of righteousness. We have all felt it. An issue will arise that feels too close to home. It makes you feel like you have been stuck in a game, getting tossed around like a toy. The attacks feel personal and earth-shattering. But it is here amid the chaos that people have to make a definite decision. Either (A.) Rely on your faith and God. Or, (B.) Rely on emotions and temporary solutions.

The reason why so few people are successful is that when the going gets tough, we turn to solutions that fix our temporary emotions. We fail to realize that the trials and tribulations that we face, hold valuable information. Being caught up in finding solutions, we put ourselves in negative cycles. If you are only looking for temporary fixes, permanent solutions will never be found. Sometimes you must go through a rough patch, to build your spiritual muscles for your next step.

The Lord wants us to be successful. It is our responsibility to be still enough to hear his guidance. When we move ahead of the Lord’s plans our journey becomes off track. Allow the Lord’s guidance to direct you toward the necessary resources, tools, and connections you need to get through life’s challenges. Anyone can be successful. However, only people that have a strong relationship with the Lord will become successful. Because it is through his direction that you will find the specific steps you will need to live your dream life.


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