How To Make the Right Decision


How to Make the Right Decision

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to make a vital decision in your life. It’s easy to decide on what you want to have for dinner. It’s not difficult to decide what movie you want to catch at the local cinema. However, those decisions that force you out of your comfort zone are the ones that cause the most havoc. Lately, I have been in several conversations with friends who are wondering if they are making a correct decision. Their worry stems from wanting to make sure that whatever conclusion they arrive at will benefit them the most in the long run.

It appears impossible to know if the decision you want to make will ultimately work for you. But there are ways to ensure that whatever decision you settle on will produce success. When a tough decision must be made, we tend to over think the outcome. The over thinking and worrying that ensues, clouds the entire decision-making process.

Identify Why You Are Feeling Unsatisfied

Understanding if you are making the right decision starts with the feeling of being unsettled. To begin with, an important assessment must be made when you start feeling off. It’s a difficult feeling to describe. When I first started to think about resigning from my teaching career, it stemmed from the feeling of being unsettled. I felt as if I was not living up to my full potential. My uneasy feelings made me understand that how I was living my life was not my purpose. It was not the path I should be on.

I knew that it was finally time to make a tough assessment of my life. This feeling often gets ignored. If addressed it will mean that you will have to make a decision that will cause some sort of uncomfortable change. When you start to feel unsettled in your life, it is time to make necessary changes. Not addressing those anxious feelings will develop into more serious issues further along in your journey.

Make a Productive Pro’s and Con’s List

After you decide that you are ready to erase those unhappy feelings, the battle to decide is far from over. The best thing to do next when deciding on how to proceed is to make a Pro’s and Con’s list. The idea and task seem simple on the surface level. However, this process of analyzing each of your choices will help. This process helps you make a solid assessment based on specific consequences and rewards that will result from your decision.

It’s important that when you are making your list that you ask yourself what consequences you will face on both sides of the decision that must be made. It’s easy to understand what rewards will come about. It is more difficult, to be honest with yourself about the consequences that will present themselves. Before you move forward on deciding, ensure that you know how the consequences and rewards will affect your life.

The Process Will Flow

                I always know that I’m making the correct decision when the events flow together seamlessly. The right people, resources, and tools I need to move forward will present themselves. When we are on the right path, God will send the necessary resources directly to you. People will contact me to collaborate or assist. Funds will appear. Much needed items will be accessed easily. The process will flow. If I make a decision and it’s a fight from the beginning, then I know that I will need to adjust the decision that I made.  This doesn’t mean that my path will be without bumps. This means that along the path when there is a bump, the proper resources will present themselves to assist me over the hurdle.

Now, do not confuse being uneasy with being fearful. Being fearful of your decision means that you are nervous about the upcoming changes occurring in your life. This is a normal feeling. Nobody really likes change. This is why so many people become trapped in their comfort zones.  A nervous feeling is completely different than struggling with your decision. When you are struggling with your decision it means that you need to reevaluate why you are wanting to make a change in your life. It could easily be that you have not fully comprehended why you are wanting a change. For a decision to be successful, you should be in a mindset that it will work. You must want it to work. If your soul and mind are screaming “NO” after you have already put in the work to make a rational decision, it’s time to take a closer look.

Following God’s voice or intuition during this time is imperative. We all have that small still voice that keeps us from danger. It encourages us to move forward when we want to stop. Listen closely and you will feel and hear the direction you need to take.

Making an important decision for your life is difficult. Make sure you identify what unsettled feelings you have. Create a Pro’s and Con’s list to help you analyze all the available perspectives. A proper decision will result in an easy flow of events on your journey. That small voice that leads you in your daily life will guide you toward the right result.

Most importantly, whatever decision that you make, understand that it was the decision that you were going to make either way. So, in fact, you will always make the right decision no matter the consequences and rewards.

As always, sending you love, blessings, and positive vibes!

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