Are Your Routines Causing Destruction?

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Tomorrow in my YouTube video, I give you a peek at my morning routine and habits. It made me think about the various practices that fill my life daily. When I was an educator, specific routines were the reason I felt stressed. So, now that I have freedom with my schedule, I make concise efforts to ensure that I have routines/habits that are fluid and purposeful.

Routine and habits go together, you can’t have one without the other. A regular repeated activity is a habit. A routine is a regular way of doing things in a particular order. So, when you think about it, your daily habits make up your daily routines.

Reflecting on my life, there are several habits that I would like to work on. For example, nail biting, I could go on, but I’m going to spare you a headache. Those annoying little habits can easily be tackled. However, we all have habits that we subconsciously participate in daily that takes us off our individual life course. Habits are ingrained in us that we don’t even know that they have turned into destructive routines until it’s too late.

I have been working on my writing for years now. Previous blogs sit dormant, books started and left, and projects still left incomplete. What I realized was that I had developed a habit of starting writing projects, but dropping the ball when I had to publicize them. In the past, I would make up excuses, “I didn’t like the character,” “I don’t know the next step.” These excuses seemed valid at that stage in my life. But the habit of making excuses was keeping me from achieving my goals.  These excuses developed into a routine without my knowledge. This routine stifled my creativity, made me insecure, and ultimately stopped my progress of becoming a full-time writer.

I want you to reflect on your own life. Is there an area of your life where your habits have turned into damaging routines? Think about the goals that you have set for your life journey. What has kept you from reaching them already? If you are like me, you are probably unaware that your negative habits have developed into a routine that has you imprisoned. You are blindly moving through life feeling inadequate. If you have ever felt as if your life is missing something, there is a good chance you are captive to a destructive routine.

The good thing about identifying your negative habits and routines is that you can turn it around. If you follow me on Instagram, you are aware of my life philosophy of taking small steps. For instance,  in my own journey,  a habit of not wanting to put myself out in front of the world caused motionless behavior. Being an introvert was constricting me. I had subconsciously adopted a routine of making unwarranted excuses. These excuses stop my progression toward my goal. But no longer can I allow my negative routines to direct my journey. My solution was to take small steps and be BOLD. This means instead of shying away from a task that takes me out of my comfort zone, I face it full on. No matter how small the step might be, I still take it.

Life is all about progressing in a positive, love-filled manner. So, I know that if I can identify and resolve the routines that are causing me to be immobile, there is no stopping me!


As always sending you peace, love, and positive vibes!

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