ER Trip & Prune Juice

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As soon as Summer hit my family and I have been enjoying the good weather, flexible sleep schedules, grilling, snacking, and relaxing. So, I’m going to fast forward to last Friday night. Everything was going fine, the dog (yes, I said dog…that’s another blog post…insert rolling of my eyes) wasn’t barking or tearing up my backyard, the kids were calm, and Melvin was off in the room watching another repeat episode of Sports Center. Jude and I were in his room looking at pictures and videos on my phone. He was sitting in my lap and I started noticing that he was making a weird sound that resembled something between him trying to clear his throat and him laughing.

When I turned him over I noticed that it looked like he was trying to cough, but nothing was coming up and he wasn’t coughing. The good thing about motherhood is you get these weird vibes that tell you something is off. It’s a deep feeling that is hard to explain, but when you get it your mom instincts turn all the way on and there is no stopping them.

I immediately thought Jude had got into something and was chocking. I tried to get him to talk, but he was still doing the weird gagging sound. At this time, I’m panicked and start yelling Melvin’s name to get his attention. He shows up out of nowhere and he takes Jude from me.  I grab my phone and immediately dial 911. So, we just moved into a new development and our address does not show up on Google Maps. I knew this was an issue when dealing with Amazon or some other sales site taking my money, but when dealing with 911 it’s crazy. I was getting agitated when it sounded as if 4 people were on the line trying to figure out where we lived.

I finally just stated to the operator that we would take him ourselves because in my mind we didn’t have time to waste while they tried to figure out where we were. Now you might be asking yourself why would we just drive Jude ourselves when he was in such distress. Let me explain. While I struggled with the 911 operators Jude had somehow just snapped out of the gagging incident. He was running around with Vivian and playing. He was talking and laughing. Yes, Jude who had just 3 minutes ago looked as if he was chocking and not able to breath, was now running and getting mad at me as I struggled to get him to sit down.

The operator convinced Melvin and I to stay put and wait for the fireman who were on their way to the correct address. During the time, I wrestled with Jude to sit on my lap and not move around too much. He was mad because Viv was still just walking around the house like nothing was happening. She was playing some princess game and had the full outfit on, to include her fancy shoes as she calls them. I didn’t think much of her being in a costume, until later.

The firefighters finally found our neighborhood and Jude was enjoying every minute. The fire truck pulled around the corner and Jude who again was just having a chocking attack decided it was fine for him to yell at the top of his lungs “Fire Truck Momma! Fire Truck!” He was having fun. Me. Not so much.

I think it got real for him when the firemen came storming off the truck into our house. Jude froze and began crying. I don’t know if he was crying because he was sick or because the fireman running up to the house in full gear scared him.

They checked him out and said that he wasn’t currently chocking on anything and he was breathing fine. They stated that the ambulance was still on the way and that we could either let him ride the ambulance to the hospital or we can take him ourselves. This was actually a hard decision for me even though Jude was running around and laughing at the time. Melvin and I didn’t want to say no to the ambulance and have Jude start gagging again mid-way through the drive to the hospital. But Melvin and I also have been a past experience where we took the ambulance, didn’t need to and ended up with a crazy ambulance ride bill.

We decided to take him ourselves.  The firefighters made us sign a paper that indicated that we were choosing to not take the ambulance, which of course made me review my decision again, but Jude asking for an apple just as the firefighters left made me feel like we made a good decision.

I was still shaken from all that was happening and so Melvin and I started getting ready to go to the hospital as quick as we can. Melvin and I threw on a hat and some sweats and Jude was already in his sleep wear so he was good. Throughout all this chaos, Viv somehow was still able to continue with her game of playing princess. In the back of my mind I was still nervous that we didn’t select the ambulance ride, so I wanted to get out of the house quickly and get to the hospital. Melvin was running around the house looking for his keys and wallet, Jude was in the pantry asking for snacks, and Viv stood in front of me saying, “I’m going like this Mom…”  dressed in this …

Vivs dress up

I had to make a decision.


Find out how we got of the house in one piece, the crazy car ride to the ER, and what really was going on with Jude and his weird gagging/chocking episode…. See you next time!

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