Summer Time Reset


Being a teacher can be challenging and just flat out exhausting but there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. That finish line is SUMMER!! Yes, all caps, and double exclamation points just to emphasize that summer is only a few days away for my family and me. I’m ready and so are Viv, Jude, and Melvin. This weekend we put some finishing touches to our back yard and patio décor, even managed to hang up some of what Melvin and I call “Austin-y hipster” string lights and outdoor curtains, while the kids ran through the water sprinklers. This summer is going to bring about a lot of changes and when fall decides to saunter on in, we will be well rested both mentally and physically.

This summer is coming at the perfect time. If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, you know that my family and I have been rocked several times, so I’m looking forward to spending my time the way I want to.  I have benefited from a profession that has built- in starting points and time periods where I can reflect, make changes, and continue my trek on my individual path. Every year as a teacher, I can push the restart button and try again with a new group of students the following year. I try new lessons, approach nagging situations differently, and ultimately become a better teacher.

How often do we think about pushing the restart button in our own lives? Some of us refuse because of fear, finances, or comfort-ability. Some of us do push the button, only to relapse into the same habits that we sought to destroy or forget about a few days later. We look at new beginnings with promise and hope, but no faith and action. We get side tracked when a “no” presents itself, or if nothing at all appears to be happening so we just stop.

The problem that I most associate with is waiting for the perfect time to push my restart button. I like to view myself as an organized person, so starting something like a new exercise routine, or business venture can’t just start on a random Wednesday. There must be a lead up to the event, plans must be laid out, a blue print established, the whole nine-yards must be set up in a dissertation form for me to even begin. But there lies my problem, life doesn’t wait for me to make these detailed plans that are so intricate that I lose focus on the outcome. I have been working on letting go of the negative, but also immediately starting when my intuition says GO!

Countless times I have had to push my own restart button repeatedly because when it was “Go” time I translated that to “It’s time to over plan” and hash out all the little details that by time it was time for me to get to work…I had lost all motivation and the effort was non-existent.

Summer is an excellent time to put into place things you have been putting off, take true actions steps that you have over planned, or even acknowledge and work out details in your own life that seem to keep you down. It’s a time to reflect on what’s working and what is not.  So yes, I will be enjoying my patio dinners, grilling, no alarm clocks, swimming pools, and the summer sunsets. But most importantly I will be enjoying pushing my reset button and actually going when its “Go” time. Will you?

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5 thoughts on “Summer Time Reset

  1. Well said! There have been several times in my life that I waited for things to go wrong before I hit the reset button. Funny how sometimes we cannot see well enough to hit the reset button before hand. Love your blogs. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Reset!!! Even though I am still putting in work to get those “coins” as they say…reset and reflection and REST is muy importante!!! Thanks Tasha…I am loving your blog.

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