Trust and Believe


I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m in the midst of a storm, however something is up and I’m loving the fact that I have never been happier in my life.  Yes, there are matters that pull at my heart strings every day. I find myself contemplating if my positive feelings are appropriate and even the sense of feeling guilty about not reacting the right way tends to nip at me.  This thought process highlights that in the past and sometimes now, I only viewed and focused on the absolute negative of situations, refusing to trust the process and directions that I had been given. This has occurred so many times that when I do succeed in staying positive in difficult or emotional situations, it feels foreign and unnatural.

The process is different for everyone because we are all on our own paths. Trusting in the process requires dedication and a clear mindset. Sometimes our past experiences or our previous hurts tend to cloud our judgment. Instead of trusting that the events that are occurring in our life are purposeful, we choose to view them only as a negative.

On my own course, I find it easy to believe that a positive outcome will occur. My faith has never been more solid, but I found myself questioning the steps I had to take to get to my blessing. Questions filled my mind. Was I making the right decision or taking the right steps? Was I following the correct path? It didn’t dawn on me that these questions didn’t really matter because whatever choice I did finally make… well that was the choice that I was going to make anyways. See, God already knows our path. We contemplate, over analyze, and question every decision. Should I do this? Or should I do that? We ask God to help us make decisions, to bless us, to make us feel comfortable, but we fail to trust the process to receive those blessings.

It’s one thing to say to God, “I have faith that I will receive what I prayed for,” but what he wants us to include is, “I’m willing to give trust to the process that you are giving me to reach my blessings that I have prayed for.”

It’s easy to focus on what we want. What we need to do is keep the faith about our blessings and understand that necessary shifts need to occur in our process. We need to be okay with being uncomfortable because let’s face it, God didn’t bring us this far on our path to allow us to fail.

Keep the FAITH

TRUST the process

And BELIEVE in your outcome

See you on Thursday!

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