Resilience No Borders

I hate change of any nature. I consider myself an organized person and work best when there is some sort of routine. Nothing bothers me more than when I have a plan or routine set and it gets disrupted. So, you can see that life for me can become rather challenging on a day-to-day basis because life is not consistent and that is what makes it interesting…if you’re into stuff like that.

I have been in some challenging situations recently and to me they all were torrential storms, pouring its weariness on me. However, now that things are starting to feel more routine I can now fully look back and declare that some of my so called storms were merely slight hills in my journey and all they really needed was a bit of resilience.

The definition of resilience is “the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune.” I want to key in on the phrase change or misfortune mainly because this is where I can become disheartened with my progress on my individual path. I hate change so much that any ripple in my routine turns into a category five tornado, ripping apart my confidence, and stripping me of my faith, no matter the issue. For example, recently we were told that we would be closing on a house during the week of Spring Break. During that time getting into our new home was the only thing going according to plan and I was excited for the upcoming move, especially since it was occurring during Spring Break which means I was off of work and could get more done. I was experiencing at the time a lot of outside issues and I needed at least the move into our new home to go as smoothly as possible, but of course as life goes, it did not.

So when our realtor called and said that our closing date had to be moved back a week, the word distraught was not even what I felt. My plans had changed and my routine was off and I felt as if another storm was occurring. At the time it was the final straw and it felt as if the clouds had opened and I was helplessly stuck. Now when I look back, it wasn’t a storm, it was an opportunity to be resilient in my thinking. God had placed a slight road block in our way and even though I didn’t understand the reason, it was there for a specific purpose. My family and I were not suppose to be in the house that week, and that is okay. The world was not collapsing and although at the time it seemed life altering, it wasn’t.  As adults, we are use to putting out hypothetical and literal fires every day, so when a problem arises it becomes yet another annoying thing that is occurring. However, when those problems begin stacking upon themselves and we reach the level where we are overwhelmed, every problem becomes catastrophic and it’s hard for us to decipher what is a simple roadblock and what is truly a storm that needs our most intimate conversations with God.

Having resilience means not only being able to stand up to adversity, but it also means being able to distinguish between earth shattering happenings and simple hills and potholes in your journey. Being able to stare your simple problem in the face and declare that it has no power over you will make it even easier to weather those true storms that appear without warning.


Resilience-the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune.



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