and-tearsIn my most recent posts, I was dealing with a lot. Storms were chasing me left and right and it felt like every day a new issue would present itself. However, I finally feel like some of those issues are coming to a close and I’m returning to my center, ready to get back to work.

I had to take a break from certain aspects in my life and at first I was uncomfortable and was forcing myself to complete specific tasks to feel better, but what ended up happening was feeling more overwhelmed and I was off balance in my life. Chores were getting done, my writing was getting done, but everything felt as if I was trudging through quick sand and I was slowing sinking with each step. At first I thought it was just the issues that were arising that were making me feel out of it, but once those issues started to close, I realized that I was still stomping through quick sand…slowly.

As a mom, hell as an adult, it is difficult to stop our daily routines to get rest. Jobs have to be attended, bills have to be paid, the house has to be clean, kids need…well kids need everything no matter the age, and life seems to just truck on by as if we are not already drowning in responsibilities. We forget that we need breaks and not just physical breaks, but also mental breaks as well. Our minds process so much information and go through so many mental decisions in one day it can be more than just tiring. We can become drained just by following our normal routines and if you throw in a couple of issues that blindside you, then it can instantly put you in a downward spiral.

That was my exact location when I knew that I needed to find my balance.  I take pride in being a pretty positive person, however I too have my lapses. Balance is another one of those words as a mom that I find hard to get a specific definition for. How am I suppose to balance the wants that I have for my life,  and the needs of my children, husband, and home life, all while trying to accomplish my career goals? Although I knew there was no answer to the question, the inquiry actually helped me understand that I didn’t have to fulfill all of these tasks at once. The wants I have for my life will still be there if I decide that I need a nap or even a full day to relax and just calm my mind. The needs of my children, husband, and home life will get met, even if I decide that the dishes can wait, Chinese food gets delivered, and I lay out on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with our To-Do list that we forget that not only our bodies need rest, but our mind as well.

Finding a distinct balance takes work. For some people it may even feel uncomfortable to sit back and breathe while your to-do list stares you down from across the room. At first you might slip up and actually refuse to relax for even a moment, but once you get the taste of the rested feeling you get, the better quality of work you produce, and your overall better attitude, you won’t ever regret it again.

Finding your balance means allowing yourself to breathe, allowing your mind to rest, and most importantly regaining your center in order to be more successful and productive. So if your to-do list seems to never stop and you are feeling as if the world is collapsing, add balance and relaxing to your list and make sure Editto breathe and rest your mind.

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