Minding Your P’s and Q’s-Quietness


Although this week was trying and tiring, we have made it to my last installment of Minding Your P’s and Q’s. There were many times that I thought that posting during this time of struggle was inappropriate and finding the time was difficult, but it was placed on my heart to write on these topics, so I hope that someone even just one person benefits from my words.

Writing has helped me stay focused on my path. It has helped me develop a better sense of what it means to be in a quiet state of mind. I have been doing a lot of reading and research on the benefits of finding time every day to be in a quiet state of mind. This does not mean that you must be locked away in a room, with the lights off in some dramatic yoga pose, however I do find this set up to be beneficial, well besides the dramatic yoga poses, I ‘m not on that level yet.

Your quiet time doesn’t have to fit a standard model, it’s a time for you to connect with God and put your mind at ease. Think about how many thoughts cross your mind in one day and how your thoughts start stacking on top of each other. These thoughts are pretty much nonstop, it can really become over whelming. Providing your mind time to stop and focus will help so many areas of your life, especially when you are going through your issues.

My intentional quiet time every day consist of praying and meditating on what I’m thankful for and what I desire and need. It is my time to interact with God. Sometimes it’s a formal prayer, often it’s just me talking to God, but more often it’s me quieting my mind.

When I quiet my mind, It’s me focusing in on what my setting is at that moment. For example, if I’m taking a shower I will key in on how the water is falling through my hands. Allowing myself to really notice the droplets. I will notice the sound of the water hitting the shower floor. It sounds crazy, but allowing myself to focus in on my current environment allows my mind to stop throwing random thoughts on top of random thoughts.

During these quiet times that I like to call active meditation I always hear that tiny voice of encouragement. Sometimes I hear an answer that I need, or clarification on a situation. The neat thing about active mediation is the fact that you can do it anywhere. When I feel frustrated because my middle schoolers are acting like…well middle schoolers I will key in on all my senses. Not only does it help me relax, but it is always a remainder to stay present in the moment.

We fill our day with so much empty noise and movement that it  seems that we function as robots. It is so easy to fill our brain with worrying and adding items to our to- do lists. We think so much about what NEEDS to happen that we are not understanding or appreciating what IS happening. We are missing out on so much that this world offers.

Allow yourself the time to quiet your mind. It can be through a formal mediation/prayer session or actively mediating. This will allow you to quiet those thoughts even for a moment. You will see the benefit of  having more peace and calm in your life. Also, you will begin to notice how much you are missing out in life.


I thank you for reading this week’s series! Did you miss any part of Minding Your P’s and Q’s? I ask that you take a look at all of my installments. These posts will help in finding peace, being in a praise mindset, how to persevere, and being quick to pray.

See you next week!

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