Minding Your P’s and Q’s- Quickness


Spilled Juice and Tears

We all go through seasons. Some seasons are so positive that our prayers might become less formal and less routine. We tend to allow the overwhelming comfort we feel to surround u. We forget that God still wants to hear from us. I have been here several times, I’m good at being grateful and shooting up a quick thank you throughout the day. However, I’m ashamed to say that I tend to forget to have that fervent prayer life when my life is going well. I hate to say it, but when my storms come, so does my intense prayer life and it shouldn’t be this way.

I started to think about how many issues I could have avoided if I had been quicker and in a routine of praying intensely. The answer is not clear. However, I do know that it would at the bare minimum have allowed me to feel at peace quicker than waiting around until the storm hits full force. Maintaining a healthy prayer life will not stop our issues from arising. It will help with the initial blow when they arrive.

Our prayer life needs to be so consistent that when trouble does arise that we should immediately feel the benefits. Being proactive allows us to be in a positive mindset when trouble begins. God does not want us to wait around to talk to him. Allow him into your daily life on a consistent basis and you will see his power. Those troubling storms will easily dissipate with consistent talks with God. It will even make understanding our situations with a clear mind.

Allow God to do the work by being quick and consistent with your prayer life. Don’t wait around for a crisis to develop. Be proactive and challenge those storms with prayer before they even begin to form.




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