Minding Your P’s and Q’s-Perseverance


As a previous athlete, the word perseverance was heard quite often, it was the deciding factor from being just an average athlete to being one of the best. It is the word that must be utilized to continue fighting through even when your legs give out. Without perseverance, it’s impossible to achieve what we want. As stated in my previous post, God has a plan and a distinct path he wants us to follow. There will be learning blocks and nudges to keep us on track and these blocks and nudges are not always easy to get through. It is through perseverance that we get through the growing pains and issues that we are dealt with.

One of the first ways I realized that I was truly an adult besides the age factor, was the fact that when I had a problem the world didn’t stop. I couldn’t cry to my mom and dad anymore. Staying at home and acting like  my issue was the only thing that mattered wasn’t an option. I had to figure out how to make it even when I felt like giving up. Establishing a way that allowed me to function when I didn’t know what my next step would be became imperative.

It reminded me of the times when I ran track and the coach would make me run long distances. There were times when I would complain and worry about not finishing before I even started. Those were the times that I didn’t meet my goal or I barely made it across the line. However, there were other times that I knew I would make it and those were the times that I sprinted across the line with energy to spare.  See, the only way that I could persevere was when I had faith. God has given us this quality and he wants us to use it with abundance. We can’t persevere if we don’t have faith that what we are working toward will manifest.

Having faith and persevering go hand in hand. In even our most difficult times, if we can show grit and keep taking small steps we will soon walk out of our storms. It’s impossible to go forward in life and through difficult times if we are only relying on pure strength. I was a good track runner. However, if my mindset was not set to persevere then I wasn’t going to win any race.

Our personal battles need more than brute strength. We need to have faith in the plan that is set for us and once that faith is set then taking those difficult steps to the line is necessary. Faith without action will not work and perseverance without faith will not be fruitful. We need a combination of both to handle the issues that we face on a daily basis.

God is not in the business to see us fail. His plan for your life will need courage, and determination to remain consistent to his overall blueprint for your existence. Allow him to guide you and when those learning blocks rise and the nudges appear to be storms, show perseverance and keep taking your small steps.

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