Minding Your P’s and Q’s-PRAISE


I know in yesterday’s post I said that finding peace during a difficult time was the hardest. I lied.  I’m sitting down and analyzing what it takes to be in a praise mindset during a storm. I know that it is way more difficult than what it appears to be on the surface level. When the world appears to be falling apart before our eyes, we have to become joyful, even full of admiration. The word praise itself has a positive connotation. Facing negative situations means using the most powerful weapon, praise.

Why does being in a praise mindset help alleviate the negative issues? Until I began my personal journey of living in abundance. Just like I spoke of yesterday, God has a plan. This plan is so detailed that it allows us to not have to worry about what the future holds. The plan, if followed with faithfulness should guide us toward our greater purpose. This is what we praise.

We are not being asked to celebrate our shortcomings. Rather, we are rejoicing in the fact that God is shifting our life events to meet a greater purpose. Praising Him in a joyful mindset. The issues that we see as negative are actually shifts in our lives that need to happen, for something else to happen. I’m not going to lie, on a surface level not all of these shifts will have a positive outcome. Unique shifts are included for us to learn new skills or coping mechanisms.

We routinely pray for changes, upgrades, and blessings to occur in our life. However, when God tries to make these requests a reality, we usually don’t appreciate his effort. We expect these changes to be wrapped up in a pretty box with no ripples in our daily life. For example, how can God place you in a new job, if everything is going so well and cozy at your current job? He makes us uncomfortable for a reason. He makes going into your current job so unpleasant that you start taking actions steps to find another one, the one that you have prayed about.

When we are in a praise mindset, it allows us to see the potential of God’s works. We are allowing our purpose to flourish because being in a praise mindset leads to a grateful attitude as well.  Honestly, I didn’t even know how to praise God when I received more earth-shattering news this past week.  I simply thanked God for allowing me to have the information early enough. This helped to mentally prepare myself and just that thought put my mind at ease.

Show praise and joy and peace will become part of your life. Prayers become answered with fidelity because your praise has led to gratefulness. Praising during a difficult time is not always about jumping around, clapping, and singing. However, if that is what it takes for you to be in a praise mindset…then do it! Sometimes praising him means sending up a simple phrase to the heavens stating, “Thank you, Lord.” Occasionally, in the midst of chaos, not only do the words not come easily but more than likely we don’t even know what to be thankful for.


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