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Spilled Juice and Tears


This week, it has been placed on my heart to reach out to your every day this week. Yes, every day this week I will be posting what I call How to Mind Your P’s and Q’s. It will take a brief look at the topics of Peace, Praise, Perseverance, Quickness, and Quietness and how these ideas can help bridge the gap between just saying “I’m doing good”, but feeling chaotic inside to being able to honestly feel and say, ‘I’m doing great.”

As a mom, I have lost count of the times that I have been asked “How are you doing?” and answered “Great!” all while my mind is churning with worry, grief, and deadlines. I can’t curl into a ball, cry, and hide in the bed all day because kids need to be fed, my job is calling, and the world continues without a care about my feelings.

Lately,  storm after storm has hit me. It seems like just when I feel like I have one situation under control or at least manageable, then out of nowhere either a past storm roars back to life or a new downpour presents itself. I know what works for me. I know what strategies I have used to keep myself afloat during this time of transition and I welcome you to try all or a few of them.

The concept of finding peace during difficult times has been one of my biggest challenges and I still must make a concise effort to find it. In its true definition peace means “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.” I key in on the word freedom because I know that the easiest thing to do is say release all of our worries and we will be at peace, however, this is completely unrealistic. How do we just ignore the chaos that surrounds us? How do we let go of a natural reaction that is programmed into us? When disaster strikes, the easiest and most common thing to do is to worry. As a parent, there is automatic worrying. Parents worry about their kid’s health to their education, and just their day-to-day actions, so throwing in some random issue can easily send anyone over the deep end.

The way that I find that coveted inner peace is by accepting that I am worrying. Sometimes I feel that I try to ignore the worry away and hope that if I push the feeling deep within myself it will slowly, but surely disappear. It never does and it tends to simmer and grow as I continue to hold it down. Facing the issues that I’m worrying about has allowed me to gain peace because I must address the issue straight up. I must understand not only why I’m worrying, but more importantly if I should be worrying at all.

There have been numerous times where I have asked myself, “What are you specifically worried about?” and I can’t finalize a specific answer. This illustrates to me that it is out of my control. I tend to worry about situations that I have made up in my mind. So bad in fact that these situations are in such detail, that I start to believe I have something tangible to worry about. For example, my family has been riddled with health issues.  When I got the news, I, of course, became distraught, but that quiet voice bluntly stated, “Is there anything concrete that you can do right now to fix this situation?”  The answer was “no.” Immediately, I felt the release of worry.

Majority of these issues that come about in our life, we have no control. They are part of a greater plan that we did not design. It’s not up to us to decide the future and predict how issues are going to turn out. We can only allow the plan to flow. Be okay with not fully understanding the “why’s” and the “why not’s”. We start over thinking situations and try to find solutions. The only result is that we perpetuate and create fictitious outcomes in our mind to worry about. These fabricated results are merely our mind’s natural response to fear and worry. “Find a solution!” it shouts, “What if this happens?” our mind questions. “Why is this happening to me?” it continues.

These statements are what I call distractions. They distract us from our paths, our purpose, and our peace. They question what God has already set in place for us. How can God place us on the correct path if every time he directs us we question his every move? How are we suppose to learn and grow from situations on our path if we stop and choose to over analyze it? To the point that we choose a different direction or the path becomes distorted.

Stop allowing your inner peace to be whittled away because you are choosing to worry. Yes, it is a choice.  If you cannot find a specific solution to your worrying, then let go of it and allow God to handle it. We can’t predict the future, so why do we spend so much time worrying about it?  There might be times that you slip up. Trust me, God is big enough for your issues. He knows the outcome to our every storm. Let him handle it, so you can focus on creating a peaceful existence.

Place yourself in peace and watch your abundant life grow.

See you tomorrow!

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