Jude…The Flyer (Part 2)


Readers, thank you for your advice on my last post, but I’m still in need of your help. There is one more item that Jude does that I haven’t managed to wrap my head around….

Being Sneaky and Stuff

This issue could be tied into hiding stuff, but I decided to give it its own category because of the sneakiness it takes for Jude to pull it off. First, I need to let you know that Jude still has an issue with using his pacifier. Honestly, I wasn’t even going to add this in here for fear that the momma warriors would come out full force on me about him being three years old and still needing it.

He primarily uses it for sleeping and if he is visiting my parents, he doesn’t even need to use it at nap time. The only thing I can take pride in this situation, is the fact that he doesn’t use it at daycare, other than that I fail at attempting to ween him off it. So, my issue is that I thought I had whittled down his pacifier stash (which is just two), only to find out he has stashes of his own all around the house. Just like he hides food, he hides his pacifiers too.

Just recently, Jude comes up to me grabbing on my leg begging for his pacifier. I have been working on not giving in and got ready for the onslaught of his tears and yelling, but instead he let out one of his fake cries and walked away from me. Not five minutes later, he strolls around the corner with a pacifier. I stopped and just looked at him, and then calmly tried to take it out of his mouth, only for him to clench down with his little teeth and hold on for dear life. Not wanting to risk any damage to his teeth, I released my grip and he took off running. “Where did you get that pacifier from!” I yelled after him. Even though I didn’t ask her Vivian replied, “Mom he has a lot of them.”  “Wait, huh?” I replied obviously confused. “Ugh, Mom he has them under his bed, in that piano thing, and one in his pillow case” she called out to me clearly annoyed at my confusion.

I had to find out for myself, so I went upstairs to his room and searched the places that Vivian indicated. Sure enough, under his bed was a half-chewed pacifier. I checked his piano and there was a pacifier, and as you can guess I checked his pillow case and tucked deep inside was a worn-out pacifier. I grabbed all of them to confront Jude, only to run into my husband who again took Jude’s side and said “Well…if he actually hid them from us successfully maybe we should at least leave the one in the pillowcase.” I rolled my eyes in response and headed back downstairs as I heard Melvin call out to Vivian “Nobody likes snitches Viv” he laughed out. Viv of course didn’t care and proceeded to show me Jude’s downstairs hiding spots. This whole time I had thought that the pacifiers were completely lost or I had thrown them away. Viv pointed out the one that was hidden under the couch and the one in his toy truck. As Viv walked over to the last hiding spot, I saw Jude sprinting toward us out of the corner of my eye. He knew that we had found his last hiding spot and he wasn’t about to let his favorite pacifier be taken away. Viv grabbed my hand and led me to the entertainment center, but before we could reach it, we both heard the undeniable yell from Jude, “FOOTBALL.” Viv was not having it and she took off running before she could show me the final hiding spot. Unlike, Vivian I didn’t run when I heard the distinct tackling call and unlike Viv who got away, I turned only to see Jude in a three-point stance heading my way.

Let me know your suggestions! Especially on the pacifier thing 🙂

Having a two year old boy is fun, insane, nerve wreaking, and enlightening but he is my crazy and I love him more than words can say.

See you next week!




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