Jude…The Flyer


If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you are probably familiar with my son Jude. My rumbustious little baby turned into a little dude. His personality mimics mine, but there are times that I stand back and wonder where all his extra-ness comes from. So, on this blog post I’m switching the roles. I need you as the reader to help me understand my son’s thought processes on the following situations:

Flying Off Stuff

Jude likes to jump. It’s his favorite pastime. It used to be innocent, like hopping to the fridge or when he was dancing.  Now he jumps off everything. Just yesterday, as we were walking downstairs, I noticed that he had stopped walking. I had made it to the bottom already, when I turned around. There Jude stood about four to five stairs up, I can’t remember exactly because I couldn’t process my thoughts before he made his impulsive decision. There was no fear on his face, just wonderment and that scared me even more. I immediately attempted at taking the first step back up toward him, but he jumped before I could even complete my step.

I screamed, he laughed and landed somewhat on his feet on the ground. He dropped to his knees briefly and of course as a mom I thought the worse and picked him up expecting him to be hurt. Jude let out a fake whimper and squirmed to get out of my arms and that was it. He had just jumped a flight of stairs and thought nothing of it.

Jude continues to fly off stuff, including the couch, his bed, our bed, his piano chair, into the laundry basket and the list goes on. I possibly could blame Melvin for some of this behavior because on more than one occasion I have heard him clap or give Jude a score of a 10 for some random jump that he had just performed, but that usually stops once I give him the side way glare of doom.

Tackling Stuff

When I use, the word tackle I’m not talking about just pushing items over, I’m talking about full out three-point stance and coming at your legs type of tackle. There are many  occasions where I’m cooking dinner and I hear Vivian yell out, “Jude stop! Nobody wants to play football!” that usually doesn’t stop Jude and I end up having to chase him around the living room, as he chases Vivian, ready to lay her out.

It’s not only Vivian that gets the force, Melvin and I too are subjected to Jude’s random NFL moves. On many instances as I’m walking around the corner, usually with a laundry basket full of clothes on my hip, I will hear the undeniable call from Jude that he is ready to pounce. “FOOTBALL!” he usually yells as he rushes toward my knees. Sometimes I’m quick enough to spin away from him, but more often than not, he will wrap his arms around my legs and either I go tumbling, or I can withstand his hit and he bounces backwards only to try again until I collapse.

After getting tackled for the fifth time one night, I asked Melvin why Jude’s tackling form was so good. “Well…” Melvin stated scratching his head. I immediately knew he had something to do with Jude and his precise football moves. “He likes football, so I showed him some moves” I know what showing some moves means. It means that while I was out shopping or upstairs giving Vivian a bath, the boys were playing football. And by playing, I mean that Melvin was showing him specific plays and then probably forgot to tell him that practicing football skills on your mom and sister is not a good idea.

Hiding Stuff (Mainly Food)

Jude likes to eat and he loves sweets, just like me. My confusion comes about when I notice a half-eaten Pop Tart next to him in his bed when I go check on him in the middle of the night. Not only does this bring on the red mommy flags because of the choking hazard, but where in the hell did he get a Pop Tart, I haven’t bought those in two weeks?

This happens all the time. I can be driving and I turn around and he is munching on two-week-old Cheerios that he found lodged in his car seat. Now I know, that the found Cheerios is probably my fault. The cleanliness of my car is another conversation, but who would think that eating crushed up cereal that you have been sitting on would be a good idea.

I have found hot dogs in the toy box, green beans (which I don’t know if it was him or Vivian) under the rug, and he is always smuggling his favorite Doritos out of the pantry to munch on in a corner.

Melvin doesn’t seem to care and almost is okay with him eating whenever he feels like it. I have overheard him ask Jude if he is full or if he wants a late snack. When I confront him, Melvin’s only excuse is that he is growing and he needs his protein. So, I’m sure that he turns a blind eye to Jude’s secretive snacking habits.

These are only a few of the things Jude does that I haven’t been able to get control over. So if you have ideas on how to stop the jumping, the tackling, or even the hiding of food, comment and let me know! If you have a son, let me know if this is normal and what to expect for the future stages of life…

On Thursday, I’m still going to need your help because the list continues!

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