I have always been a romantic. Sappy love poems fill my journals and the latest smooth R&B jam will top my playlist. In college I was the friend in the group that had the White Picket Fence Syndrome. I would speak openly to my friends about wanting a husband, kids, and a home because I loved the idea of settling down and not having to participate in the dating scene.

My friends at the time thought I was crazy and that I only uttered the words settling down because I was in a tumultuous relationship at the time and was over the craziness of dealing with stupid boys. However, I had always thought about the guy that I would one day call my husband. In high school, I even drafted a list of 50 things I wanted my husband to represent, enjoy, and care about. It included a lot of unique request such as being a Christian and a Lakers fan. I even threw in wanting my future husband to be an athlete and enjoy writing. At the time, I didn’t think that I could find a man that would fit every request on my list.

Tucked away in one of my countless journals, I remember this list resurfacing in college. At the time, I laughed at some of my high school request, such as wanting a husband that enjoys playing Super Mario Brothers. While other request, tugged at my heart strings like having a husband who is honest. Although, the list was created in fun and a light-hearted manner, when I found the list in college, I actually got on my knees and prayed for a husband that matched the list, well excluding the one about him having to love pizza rolls.

I still think about that list even now that I actually have a husband. It creeps into my mind because Melvin in fact fits majority of the items on the list, excluding being a Lakers and Yankees fan.

I didn’t have to refer to my list when I knew Melvin was the ONE. I didn’t see any fireworks or stars; the heavens didn’t open up with singing angels. My love for Melvin grew over time, it was a process getting to the point where I knew he was the one that would be my husband.

As time passed and Melvin and I continued to date, I noticed specific qualities that I knew I wanted in a husband. I appreciated the fact that he was and still is a goal-oriented person. Early in our relationship, I noticed a goal list that was specific to precise categories in his life. The list was plastered on his wall with small check marks and notes to highlight what he had already completed. He was determined to be successful and I appreciated his drive.

Early on I saw and witnessed him being a God-fearing man. His relationship with God was evident and set an example for my own life. He routinely sought a closer relationship with God and brought me along with him on his Christian journey. I saw that he was unwavering in wanting to build a household that had God in the center.

From the beginning of our relationship, Melvin has always been a caring person. He always made sure that his words were honest and his actions were pure. At times, he was more caring than even myself and he continues to this day to teach me to be more compassionate.

I knew my husband was the one because he is the man I prayed for back in college. He is the one that is an athlete, who enjoys writing and playing Super Mario brothers. I knew Melvin was the one because he didn’t just fit the qualities of the list I created back in high school, but he made me realize that I left some items off. Melvin, my husband let me know that as always, God answers my prayers and even though he is not a huge fan of pizza rolls, or a Lakers fan, he is the perfect man for me.


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