In the Eye of the Storm

When last week began, it felt as if I was in the eye of a tornado. Problems swirled around me, hoping to scoop me up in their fury as issue after issue arose. I dealt with family health issues, work drama, and the daily stress that comes with just being alive and trying to keep my head above water.  I’m specifically using the past tense because although those problems are still swirling, I know there is an end to this storm, just like the other storms that hammered down on me in the past.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t break down. I got frustrated, blamed outside forces for how I felt, and I even cried, but that’s okay. I allowed myself to feel the emotions that comes with receiving bad news and facing situations where I have no answer. I’m here to tell you, it’s perfectly okay to have feelings. A lot of times we are instructed to just stay positive and think of the best possible outcome. I whole heartily believe in this system; however, I also know that this concept is unrealistic to a certain extent. When you ignore those unpleasant feelings, they tend to build up and they usually get released at the wrong time and in the wrong situation.

I had to realize for myself, that it’s okay to get frustrated and feel those harsh feelings. We are human and those emotions need to be felt, but what is not okay is to let those feelings settle in and run a muck causing your spirit to be in turmoil. Do what you need to do to release those feelings, if its crying and hating the world, do it without getting too comfortable with the feeling! Exposing yourself to negative feelings will not diminish any problems, but it will make you feel better even if it’s for a short period of time.

When my issues started on Monday of last week, it was difficult to come out of the stupor of negative energy, but after a night of not sleeping and leaving behind a tear soaked pillow, I knew I had to make a change. I couldn’t productively move through the week for myself or my family if I continued to allow my negative emotions to control my thoughts and my actions. I literally had to force myself to be positive and to continue taking my small steps toward my goals. See, the world doesn’t stop because you received bad news or you are having a hard week, deadlines still come up, dinner still needs to be made, lesson plans still must be created, my kids need hugs,   and those stacks of laundry…well those can sit there.

By forcing myself to continue with life, no matter the hardships, I can remain constant and standing in the eye of the tornado. For some that might mean that I’m still frustrated, unable to get out from under the power of my troubles. I’m not going to lie, I’m still frustrated, but I’m refusing to let weariness rule me. To understand what I mean by standing in the eye of the storm, one must understand that the eye, the middle of the funnel cloud, is calm, still, and unwavering. This peaceful spot is there even though the rotating cloud walls churn with debris, lightning and blasts of thunder.  I can’t say I’m perfectly calm, or even unwavering in my feelings, but I’m still here standing in the tranquility. I still have my lapses where I think I need to feel the debris from the tornado’s gusts graze my fingertips, and the tears may fall, but I’m determined to not get swept up with the winds.


Join me on Thursday as I provide specific strategies to stay positive and maintain a stable home life even when the world is against you.

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