They Saw, They Conquered, They Destroyed (Part 2)


Here it is Part 2! To briefly catch you up, Vivian, Jude, and I are standing in the check out line at Walgreens and Viv just asked if she could steal candy and put it in my purse. For a full overview read Part 1.

Luckily, my mom instincts came on strong, and replied almost too sweetly, “Dear, we don’t steal…. Come…back…over…here…now!” I called again through gritted teeth. I could feel the other people in line give my poorly dressed kids and I that look of concern.  I made a mental note to check out the toy opening Youtube videos she was watching because I had no idea where stealing came about. While I was preparing my parental plan in my head, Jude escaped from my arms, landing on his feet, all while running toward the candy himself.

When he grabbed the Snickers bar and ran toward me, yelling mine. I was over it, by now it was our turn to check out and there were two people behind us, still looking, still judging. I put my one item on the counter along with the Disney cups and the cashier began to ring them up. Viv was still not paying attention to me and was hyping Jude up about the candy. I quietly told both of them to put their candy back, and two-year old Jude responded in the loudest voice I had ever heard from his little body, “NO!”

At this point, I told the cashier to hold off scanning the cups. I was fed up and embarrassed.  Since the people were already staring and had probably placed judgement on my parenting skills at this point, I didn’t care about my next actions. I grabbed the candy from both Viv and Jude and looked at the cashier and stated matter-of-factly, “And don’t worry about scanning those cups, they are not getting them.” She quietly placed the cups behind her and then all hell broke loose.

It was as if I was in a slow-motion movie. Viv began screaming, not your typical crying, but a blood curling yell. She then proceeded to throw her body on the ground all while continuing to cry. Jude followed in her footsteps and tried to lunge at the candy and the cup behind the counter. He too let out an unusual scream and plopped on the ground once he realized he wasn’t getting either. I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do other than yell at them to get up. The stares from the other people in the store bore into me and I could feel sweat drip down the side of my face. I had just needed one item, just one, but this trip had turned out to be a complete failure. Of course, I didn’t have cash to shove into the cashier’s hand and make a mad dash for the car, instead I grabbed Jude as he continued to wail in despair and flail his arms and legs. Viv continued to scream and I attempted to grab her hand as she continued to flip around on the ground, all while I tried to figure out if I was supposed to swipe or insert my debit card.

The transaction was finally complete and I grabbed my bag, struggled with Jude as he continued to scream and kick. I picked Viv up with my other free hand and wrestled with her as I ran out of the store. I know the people behind me were shaking their heads, wondering if our home life resembled anything close to this disaster of an attempt to parent.

Once we got to the car, the nice mom went down the drain and the kids knew immediately that they messed up really bad once those car doors closed. In order, not to implicate myxelf in any issues, let’s just say…I WENT OFF and both kids were silent, in between the sniffles of recent discipline actions that I felt necessary for the way they acted.

It wasn’t the fact that they acted out of control, but more that they had never acted like this at home or out in public. At the time, I was ashamed and embarrassed about my parenting skills. Now, I just take the “L” and laugh at it because I know there will be many times that I will be out of my element and all I can do is breath, grit my teeth, and wait until we get to the car!

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