Straight Out of Sick Days


The inevitable happened this week, where a swirl of viruses collided in my house and not one, but both of my children got sick. School was only in session for four days last week, and I attended just one. The day that I attended, turned into a day of realizing how far behind I was with grading, how far behind my students were on their weekly assignments, and how bad I felt about taking my kids to school on Thursday morning. I was absent from work on Tuesday and Wednesday for my son, but honestly, he could have used just one more day. It didn’t help that my daughter woke up on Thursday and I saw that distant heaviness of sickness in her eyes. I knew that she wasn’t feeling 100%, but having been out for the last two days I went ahead and took both to daycare, only to be called by the daycare at the end of the day to say that my daughter had a fever and couldn’t return on Friday.

In my opinion this is the hardest part of being a working mom. The guilt factor can take a hold quickly. I feel guilty for missing work, but I feel even guiltier for taking my kids to school not feeling well.  Since my husband is a principal it’s difficult for him to just not show up to work. Although, the last time a nasty virus arrived in our house he went ahead and took a day and stayed home with the kids, but to be honest it was easier for me to stay at home (Let’s just say there were several phone calls made to me throughout the day).

However, maybe it’s because I’m maturing as a parent, or perhaps it’s because I’m finally okay with saying that it’s okay to put family first. I’m equally excited either way because it means that I am evolving as a working mom and I am continuing my steps toward living a more balanced life. I know that I won’t ever be able to get rid of the guilt factor completely. I know that it’s a difficult journey trying to find the exact balance between being proficient at work and maintaining a productive home life, but as long as I’m able to make those small steps toward balance, harmony, and abundance in my life…I’m good and blessed.

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