*Disclaimer: During one of my glorious days of Christmas Break, this was written with my son laid out on my lap. 

It’s 12:30 am and it’s a miracle I’m not sleep already, but what’s even more crazy (for some moms) is that my two-year-old son has just walked downstairs rubbing sleep out of his eyes like I just laid him down for an afternoon nap. Usually, I would immediately put him back in his bed and send up a desperate prayer for him to go back to bed so I can squeeze the last couple hours of sleep in before my alarm rings, but tonight on our Christmas Break when time runs endlessly for a few days. I didn’t want to fuss with the bedtime regulations.

As a mom, it can be difficult and for me at least sometimes impossible to keep up with the endless regulations of how to properly raise kids. Message boards, fellow mom advice, family members are filled with these damn guidelines that can make you feel like your kid is going to be the poster child for failure if you don’t follow everything to an exact algorithm. It’s hard to push out those negative thoughts when your two- year old demands a tootsie roll pop at 1 am and I must ask myself. “Why would he even think I would give him candy now?” And before you ask, no he didn’t get the candy…I do have some limits.

It doesn’t help that as a working mom I feel like unintentionally I’m putting my kids second and my job gets in the way of my kids lives daily. So yes on this day I let my two year old stay up way past what the regulations have instituted…

After my son was born I started understanding how you can easily get trapped into the regiment of following the rules, but from experience I can tell you that the real joy of motherhood is ignoring those rules and raising your kids the way you see fit. Not what the latest parenting magazine says, or the latest trend on social media. because as a mom…you make the rule book. You are the regulator. It’s fine to get help and ask questions, but remember that it’s your child and dammit it, if you want to sneak your kid a sip or two or three of soda…do it with no regrets.

Letting go of the regulations and creating my own parenting guide has allowed me, especially as a working mom more quality time with my kids, it’s allowed me to free up space in my schedule to create “me” time and not feel guilty about sneaking away for five minutes to just breathe.

It’s allows me to lay on the couch with my son watching Sports Center in the middle of the night, as he yells “basketball” at the screen. No time demands on him or me.

It’s hard to catch these moments as a mom because of the long to do lists we all carry around. So, I suggest my fellow mom warriors that in 2017, let’s let go of the regulation book and live. Making sure to breathe and smile. Your kid will still have a chance at getting accepted into an Ivy League school on a full scholarship if they don’t get to bed on time

…well maybe

…don’t quote me on that.


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