What’s Behind My Blog Title?

and-tearsMy kids love apple juice and I think my daughter might just have an addiction to it. Yes, I’m that mom that gives her kids juice. I have no issue with it, but if it makes you feel better my kids do drink water. I’m proud to say that both of my kids have mastered drinking out of a regular cup. However, with a four- year old and a two -year old, my floor frequently becomes a victim of spilled juice. On a good day, I will catch the spill and clean it up right away. Usually, I find the spills because I randomly walked into the kitchen, only to step into a pool of sticky residue. So, after typing the above statement about “mastery” let me change that. They have mastered the “idea” of drinking out of a cup.

And the tears part of my title comes from thinking about my daily to- do list for my job, my home life, and looking around my house only to see more items that need to get done. If you saw the various piles of clean clothes that need to be folded and what appears to be millions of Shopkins characters and Hot Wheels cars sprawled about, you would immediately understand the tears part.

Spilled Juice and Tears is my view point on being a working mom trying to make my dreams come true on a daily basis. Keep up to date with all of the shenanigans by following my weekly posts!



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