Welcome to Spilled Juice and Tears!

I always get asked the question, “Why did I name my blog Spilled Juice & Tears”

To be quite honest, I started this blog to share my journey as a mom. I wanted to be a Mom Blogger. Sharing cute photos of my kids in their Halloween costumes, my favorite healthy lunch ideas, and my tips on how to manage being a working mom.  However, over time, my posts turned from funny life moments with my family, to real life ways not only moms, but people could live a happier life.

As I continued to develop posts for Spilled Juice and Tears, I leaned more on the guidance of God. I began to trust his direction for my life and fully gave my life over to Him. With this commitment came the courage to pursue my lifelong dream of writing full-time. If you are looking for more information on my Freelance Writing and Editing Services check out  Spilled Juice and Tears Writing Services.

Through this blog, I have learned how to love my life again. This love has allowed me to build a closer relationship with God. It keeps me on track to fulfilling my purpose in life. Along with my blog posts, I was lead to create a Youtube channel. My videos support my blogs here on Spilled Juice and Tears, document my journey, and provide support to others who are in need of a spiritual lift in life.  You can subscribe HERE!

When I started this journey, I only sought to write, but as I become more aware of the path that God has me on, I have accepted roles that in the past I would have turned down due to fear. I have allowed God to direct my steps and have had many opportunities to share how Spilled Juice and Tears has made a positive impact on the lives of others. I would be happy to impact your life in a positive way, CONTACT me for more information.

Spilled Juice is More Than Just Another Blog Site

It is a place where individuals can learn to understand the pressures of life. Use this blog to face debilitating fears, confusing concerns, and negative factors that can cloud your life purpose. When challenges are confronted a purposeful life awaits.

Currently, Spilled Juice and Tears has grown into a place where anyone, no matter your title, can come and receive the same humor of the past, but with a direct purpose. Further, Spilled Juice will inspire you to live in a manner that will produce the most joy and love out of life. From my writing,  gain the insight that you are looking for. Also,  don’t forget to allow laughter to spill into your life because laughter is the best medicine for the soul. Use Spilled Juice and Tears as a resource to help you build a positive foundation. Sending positive vibes, love, laughter, and joy in everything you put your mind to today!



Natasha J. Bedford